This project is predominantly blue sky. I want to further explore these concepts once the movies come out, however, this is what I have so far knowing the world of Oz like the back of my hand, and knowing Wicked word for word. This concept explores what a Wicked land would look like if placed into the new Universal Park, Epic Universe. This expansion plot is nearly 20 acres which would make it one of the biggest theme park lands in the industry. The reason for choosing Epic Universe for its location is because the aesthetic of Epic Universe aligns with the aesthetic of Wicked. Also because Oz is a world of multiple locations all connected by a yellow brick road you do not have the luxury of splitting the locations up like the Wizarding World.  Below I will further explore the concept including sketches and stills from the trailers.
At Epic Universe each land has a portal which beckons you in. As of right now the concept is to include the Time Dragon from the book and stage show. I am not certain how the Time Dragon will be included in the films but I thought this would making an amazing and unique icon for the Wicked portal. Written above the entrance would be the quote "Together We're Unlimited" The ground design calls back to the circular motifs seen throughout the production, including the infinity symbol.
The first area you enter is Munchkinland. This area would include street entertainment, shops, and snacks. Along with a spinning flat ride. 
Shiz University would be home to Shiz Dining Hall. This dining location would be similar to "Be Our Guest" at Magic Kingdom. Where you can dine in different locations around the campus. Along with the dining hall you would have a bar for the Ozdust Ballroom. There would be a student store where you can get your Shiz uniform. Shiz would also be home to "Ozian River Voyage" a slow moving boat through iconic locations in Oz. You would learn about the cultures of each area and its history. And maybe even an appearance from a certain cowardly lion. 
The Emerald City would be home to more shopping and dining but the two major attractions in the area would be "Wizomania" and "Defying Gravity: Wizard’s Palace Escape". Wizard's Palace escape would be thrilling high tech dark ride where you defying gravity and help Elphaba rescue animals from the Wizard's captivity, in an enchanted hot air balloon. Wizomania would be a family friendly show where you can learn about the great and terrible Oz himself, just like Glinda and Elphaba did for one short day.
Kiamo Ko home of the Wicked Witch of the West. Where you can grab a snack or specialty beverage in Kiamo Ko Cellars. Kiamo Ko Stalls is where you can adopt plush animals. The castle is also home to an elaborate meet and greet where you slowly climb the tower to finally meet the Wicked Witch herself, Elphaba. 
Thank you for looking at my concept. I am not affiliated with Universal Pictures or Universal Creative. This is purely a fan concept. I will probably revisit some of it as I receive more information about the direction of the story and the world building. 
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