Here are few concept sketches I did for the narrator of the attraction, Oswald the Owl. Oswald is a friend of ours who we will see warning us of things to come. And of course you'd be able to buy a plush of him in the giftshop. 
Below is a series of sketches I did for the exterior. The goal was to create a fantasyland style facade. Once you entered the "abandoned" castle you'll find that you might not be alone. Sounds of cackling witches can be heard from the dungeons below. 
These are some early sketches for some of the gags in the ride. One specifically inspired by the hag to into evil queen scene in Disneyland. 
Here is quick concept painting for the color scheme for the facade. Again trying to pull off a whimsical but still eerie vibe. 
I used SketchUp to model the building and translate my sketches to real dimensions. 
The ride vehicle is a cauldron with brooms powering your exploration into the dungeons and later the sky. 
Here is a scene by scene breakdown the of the attraction. Here I will explain each moment and some of the effects and story beats. 

Scene 1
As you leave the load station you will be greeted by Oswald, he warning us as we go deeper into the dungeons we might fall victim to the magic of the Witches.

Similar to Haunted Mansion and Pirates, this attraction would have a song that plays only in instrumental until later into the attraction then lyrics would come in. 
Scene 2
After Oswald's warning we find dungeon cells holding some interesting creatures. Who are being harvested for potion ingredients. 
Scene 3
Here can see the potion making process. A cute cauldron can be seen putting off smoke as a projection effect shows potion bottles dancing to him. The Witch has limited movement as she reads and stirs the brew. Below her is a sleeping black cat with an animated breathing effect.
Scene 4
As we turn we see a beautiful green house where a huge Venus flytrap is holding onto a Witch. Her potion backfired and created this monster.
Scene 5
As we continue in the dungeons we find ourselves in the company of a vain Witch. We can see her beauty spell she has placed on herself and her real appearance reflected in the mirror.
Scene 6
The group of Witch sisters are attempting a new brew. One is reading the recipe, one is trying to figure out the mislabeled potions, and the other is anxiously stirring the pot waiting for something to go wrong. Projection effects would be used both on the boiling cauldron and the walls with spiders and critters. 
Scene 7
We have now traveled outside of the castle and into a graveyard where is Witch is attempting to reanimated a corpse.
Scene 8
We first see a fortune teller telling a young lady of her future engagement, but as we turn we see the proposal. Which might've had some assistance by a love potion. 
Scene 9
We turn to see a beautiful gingerbread house and inside the story of Hansel and Gretel is depicted. The smells of ginger and gumdrops would fill the air. 
Scene 10
Finally Oswald is back, and he is warning us that the Witches have plans to terrorize the nearby village.
Scene 11
We turn and zoom up into the air now flying along with the Witches. This scene would be mainly media but with practical trees in the foreground.

Now lyrics come in and the tempo picks up.
Scene 12
Scene 13
We turn to see a Witch that has ran right into a tree, you can hear her discomfort as you pass by to the sounds of fellow Witches still cackling in the night sky. 
Scene 14
The village is close as we can see it's rooftops in the distance.
Scene 15
We are now in the village where a group of Witches have just turned a resident into a toad. They would use cleverly hidden arms to create the effect of flying. Shadow effects in the windows would show other narratives to help give more life to the scene.
Scene 16
This scene would be Witch transforming into a cat using a mirror gag. 
Scene 17
The finale scene. Witches fly overhead. A witch is melting. And another witch who's pet dragon is walking her, leading to her buried beneath a tower of crates. 
Scene 18
Oswald is wishing us a farewell and is glad we made it out alive. 
Here is a layout of the attraction with each scene labeled.
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